Don't worry, be happy.

We have several 30 minute tracks to download. These are download only and a link will be sent to you by email. The background is a light rain. The volume is nice and steady and there are NO peaks.

This is a sample of what you will hear. There are NO words or messages on this sample but it sounds like the ones with the messages on them.
Sample of the sound


Better Sleep and Happiness

Get fit and healthy

Fix your relationship

Learn to make your own Subliminal CDs

I call it affirmation instead of subliminal because I recorded it high enough that if you play it VERY LOUDLY you can barely hear the positive messages and therefore you know what seeds are being planted. At a normal volume the words can not be heard. The background is light rain and wind chimes. It has no peaks.

My advice is to play this every night all night (make the CD player loop the CD). (Part of the messages are aimed at feeling more positive about your life in general.)

The affirmations say you and your because you hear my voice and your subconscious mind knows it is someone else talking to you.




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