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Fall back in love again.

This is a download 57 minute track. It is download only and a link will be sent to you by email. The background is a light rain. The volume is nice and steady and there are NO peaks.

This is a sample of what you will hear. There are NO words or messages on this sample but it sounds like the ones with the messages on them.
Sample of the sound

The most important thing in your life should be your family.

The problem is that life beats you up and places so many demands on you that we sometimes forget to put our family or spouse first.

This is the reason for many problems in marriages and relationships.

You don't put each other first anymore and grow apart.

I have read many great books from famous marriage counselors and they all say to make time for each other. They say you must talk daily (and NOT about problems). They say that you should go out on a date every week or 2 and plan romantic evenings on a regular basis.

This works well when both people want to try it. But often by the time a relationship is going badly it is hard to get both people to agree to try those things.

That is where affirmation CDs come in. You can play this all day or all night and hear positive suggestions about getting your relationship back on track.

I call it affirmation instead of subliminal because I recorded it high enough that if you play it VERY LOUDLY you can barely hear the positive messages and therefore you know what seeds are being planted. At a normal volume the words can not be heard. The background is a light rain. The volume is nice and steady and there are NO peaks.

I know people who were talking about divorce and wouldn't stay in the same room with each other. They played this system every night and in a month the divorce talk stopped and they sat together watching TV. After 6 weeks the wife even started coming to the marriage bed. I don't claim that this is the reason but they hadn't gone to a marriage councilor.

My advice is to play this every night all night (make the CD player loop the CD). (Part of the messages are aimed at feeling more positive about your life in general because to love someone else; you must first love yourself.)

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