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This is a download 57 minute track. It is download only and a link will be sent to you by email. The background is a light rain. The volume is nice and steady and there are NO peaks.

This is a sample of what you will hear. There are NO words or messages on this sample but it sounds like the ones with the messages on them.
Sample of the sound


Everyone knows why we gain weight.

We drink high calorie drinks instead of water,
We eat fatty snacks instead of healthy ones,
 We don't get regular exercise.

The problem is one of motivation.

That is where affirmation CDs come in.
You can play this all day or all night and hear positive suggestions about getting your eating and physical life back on track.
I aim these at eating, drinks and exercise so there is no need for a separate exercise CD I combined the 2.

I call it affirmation instead of subliminal because I recorded it high enough that if you play it LOUDLY you can hear the positive messages and therefore you know what seeds are being planted. At a normal volume the words can not be heard. The background is a light rain. The volume is nice and steady and there are NO peaks.

I used this system myself when I had problems and within 2 days things were getting better. I noticed that when I was thirsty I started getting water instead of a soft drink (I had not done that in a years.)

My advice is to play this every night all night (make the CD player loop the CD). I still play mine every night and wake up feeling more positive. (Part of the messages are aimed at feeling more positive about your life in general.)

The cost for this is 15 dollars and there is NO shipping. A minute or 2 after you pay; an email will be sent to you. If you have problems send us an email. We check emails every night and will resend the download info for the book.



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