Make Custom Subliminal CDs

We ALL need some help at times.

Weight loss, smoking, working out, getting up with energy......


That is where affirmation CDs come in. You can play this all day or all night and hear positive suggestions about getting things on track.

Sometimes you want something that you just can't find already made.
John wants to mow the yard tomorrow.
Seriously though hearing YOUR name in the message helps it to work FASTER. So making your own stop smoking, weight loss... whatever subliminal CD is a great idea.

This is EASY to do. There are only a half a dozen steps and learning how to mix and where to get the programs for free. I tell you these step by step. It is 4 pages of info. (That is how easy it is to do IF you know how.)

The cost for this is 20 dollars and there is NO shipping. A minute or 2 after you pay; an email will be sent to you. If you have problems send us an email. We check emails every night and will resend the download info for the book.

I tell you the secrets that make it WORK. Like when to say me or I and when to say you. (Even asleep you know your own voice and to hear someone else say I would trigger a wrong response.)

I tell you the programs to record, the ratio of mixing music to words...

IT is EASY to create your own subliminal CD and they work.



Buy now for $20.

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